Ciceris Team | About us

Hello! We are Serena, Simone and Simona, three boys aged 31, 23 and 28 and we have decided to embark on this wonderful journey made of goodness and greedy things 😊

We are a team, a team, a family and we are happy to share with you good and healthy things!
Our work began when we understood the effects on our body of careful nutrition. We ventured in search of the flavors of the past, the authentic ones, which respect the times of nature and we have grasped the properties and benefits . Today, after 6 years, we combine the flavors of tradition in innovative, delicious and surprising combinations.

Our strength is having different backgrounds

Simona comes from the world of finance , consulting and investment banking; Simone from the world of sport at a competitive level, teaching and health; Serena from the legal and communication world, with a strong passion for cooking and human nutrition.

This allows us to approach every situation from different points of view and with complementary skills: Simone has the charisma and the ability to put projects into practice; Simona has an analytical and strategic spirit; Serena has the creativity to experiment with new things and the energy to tell them.

We believe in family , in the joy and in the < strong> simplicity . And this is reflected in all our creations.


Ciceris's Vision is to spread the culture of good and simple food , as it once was. When you listen to the stories of grandparents, images of simple meals will come to your eyes, with products offered directly from the earth, what could be grown in the garden or in the fields, laboriously worked and cared for every day. < / p>

Here, we want to create something like this. Vera .

Ciceris's Mission is to create delicious products every day, with attention to flavor and quality of the ingredients, which we choose only from best producers.
Our history from Varese started from the passion of Simona, then a teaspoon was enough to involve Simone and Serena and now it is spreading among people who love new tastes.