Where did the idea come from - History of Ciceris

Ciceris was born one evening in a hot summer in Varese, when we went out for an aperitif with friends. We were in the mood for somethinglight and satisfying, that made us feel full, but without weighing us down. Our mind immediately ran to a recipe that Simona often prepares at home, chickpea hummus.

“I started making it a few months after I became a vegetarian, about 5 years ago. I didn't exactly follow the original recipe because I didn't always have the ingredients at home. After a bit of testing, however, it was a super proven recipe that friends always liked when we had parties at home. "- Simona

We thought it would be nice to find such a thick, velvety and fragrant cream in all the places we used to frequent! Turning around several restaurants and bars in the area, however, only a few offered it on the menu or offered it as an aperitif.

"But surely there will already be something like this that you can buy around, right?"

Aware of what a greedy thing was, we tried to buy what you find in the supermarket fridge.

We were already leaving with the best expectations - dinner easy , we will be full, we don't have to cook - and especially: “so we don't have to dirty a thousand things and load the dishwasher ".

Unfortunately it was a huge disappointment! The brands we tried didn't come close to taste in the least we were used to.

The turning point came when a dear friend told us about her recent adventure: had recently changed nutrition, trying to prefer healthier foods even outside the home.

At that moment she realized that by default, the aperitif consisted of a platter of cured meats and cheeses, with chips and croutons, nuts and olives. If you liked the bruschetta with tomatoes. In short, a party for cholesterol, a little less for the taste!

Reflecting a little on his words we thought:

"why not do it ourselves?"

Why not offer everyone the opportunity to eat a good, healthy, filling, fast cream that everyone agrees?

From there our activities started.

Ciceris idea

We are deeply convinced that even a drop in the bucket can bring big changes. We want to take this drop to as many places as possible, to as many people as possible, even you who are reading!

In the next few articles, we'll tell you about the progress and behind the scenes anecdotes. Keep following us!