Hummus with chocolate: the chickpea cream ready to spread by Ciceris

Ciceris chocolate hummus

We know, you're intrigued by this new flavor of hummus :)

We were too, in the beginning! But after tasting it, Ciceris' mission was born: to make it taste and be known to everyone!

What is Ciceris chocolate hummus?

In the world, the love of hummus increases day by day: it is good versatile and goes with everything!

Here, Ciceris is a new way to eat it!

On your spoon there will be a spread based on chickpeas and cocoa that does not contain preservatives or hydrogenated fats. It is sweetened with stevia, to give a sweet taste without guilt and a little apple juice.

To make it soft, we use a corn oil emulsion, sweeter than olive oil, more natural than margarine or vegetable butter.

We are proud to say that sweet chocolate hummus is the new, amazing alternative to all spreads or jams too rich in refined sugar.

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What does chocolate hummus taste like?

The flavor is unique, but we try to describe it as best as possible.

When you open the jar you hear the clack of the vacuum and immediately the scent of cocoa arrives, right from the first breath.

When you dip the spoon in its creaminess and stir it a couple of times, you realize that it will look great on a slice of warm bread.

At the first bite you feel the softness of the cream, which is like a very consistent mousse . Then comes the sweetness , not cloying but balanced, given by the combination of cocoa and stevia .

In the end it leaves a pleasant feeling of satisfaction in the mouth, without guilt or the effects of too much sugar.

How does chocolate hummus go with it?

Chickpea nutella or chocolate hummus can be tasted in many ways, as your imagination suggests.

The best combinations tried by those who have tasted it are the simplest ones, in which you can smell all the scent of cocoa.

Spread on hot bread , pancakes or rusks for breakfast. You can dip breadsticks or mini pretzels .
It can be served on a tray of fresh fruit and biscuits for make a great impression at the aperitif.
Or served as a "quenelle", it can accompany a slice of hot cake at the end of the meal, leaving amazement in the mouth of your guests.

For even more inspiration check out our instagram profile and all the photos with sweet hummus.

In the meantime, here are a series of recipes to prepare it at its best!

Triangles of toast with chocolate hummus

High Pancake with Chocolate Hummus

Oat cream with chocolate hummus

Sweet hummus is a new food that will arrive on everyone's tables!

Chocolate hummus and hummus-based desserts are good news for taste and health.

With Ciceris we want to bring well-being and we have met various needs:

- for those looking for a tasty and new product
- for those looking for gluten-free foods
- for those looking for a spread without unhealthy ingredients
- for those who want to consume legumes in an original and gourmet!

Did we touch on any point that interests you too? Let us know in the comments :)

The chickpea spread is like a good and healthy chickpea nutella: let's see the calories

We believe in the possibility that a sweet food can be so healthy that it accompanies your daily life.

A bit like the yogurt, dried fruit or dark chocolate bar you keep in the pantry.

For this we have studied the nutritional values ​​of Ciceris hummus with chocolate, to make it a smart food!

The calories of chocolate hummus are similar to those of a light hummus - because actually is a light hummus - and for 100 gr of product we have :

Nutritional values ​​per 100g of Ciceris with chocolate

Energy kcal / kj 131.6 / 552.7
Fats 6.2g of which saturated 1,0g
Carbohydrates 12,0g of which sugars 0,2g
Fiber 4,5g
Protein 4,8g
Salt 0,7g

Comparison with 100 gr of Nutella Ferrero
Energy kacal / kj 539/2255
Fat 30.9 g of which saturated 10.6 g
Carbohydrates 57.5 g of which sugars 56.3 g
Proteins 6.3 g
Salt 0.27 g

Comparison with 100 gr of Rigoni Nocciolata
Energy kcal / kj 545/2273
Fats 33 g of which saturated 5 , 5 g
Carbohydrates 55 g of which sugars 53 g
Fibers 4.8 g
Proteins 5.4 g
Salt 0 g

If you are curious to taste the creams go now to the Ciceris with Chocolate <3

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