Crêpes filled with Ciceris la Nocciolina hazelnut cream

Good morning everyone! Today we prepare together the crêpes stuffed with our hummus with hazelnuts and honey Ciceris la Nocciolina!

These crêpes are perfect for starting the day at breakfast accompanied by a hot black coffee and steaming.


125 grams of type 2 flour

200 gr of water

1 pinch of salt

15 ml of sunflower oil

1 pinch of turmeric

For the filling:

1 jar of Ciceris la Nocciolina


In a bowl, mix the flour with the salt and turmeric with a whisk. Add the oil and water little by little so that no lumps form. The consistency is quite liquid but not too much, a veil of dough must remain attached to the spoon while the rest runs.

Heat a flat pan and pour a ladle of dough in the center, swirling it so that it is evenly distributed.

Once cooked on one side, launch into a star chef move and flip the crepe on the fly! If not, use a fork like I do so you don't have to clean the floor : D

Once cooked on the other side, you can put it on a plate and stack them as they are ready.

Fill them with Ciceris la Nocciolina and fruit to taste and they are ready to serve!

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