Oatmeal cream with cocoa hummus: easy breakfast recipe

crema di avena al cioccolato con hummus

Oatmeal with Ciceris al Cacao: the tasty breakfast of champions!

Having a full meal in the morning is important to have the energy we need to start fueling well! The breakfast with oat cream is a classic much loved by sportsmen and foodies.
Today we add an extra touch of goodies with Ciceris al Cacao, the sweet hummus that increases the protein intake, the fibers and ..... the delicacy of the recipe!


50 gr oat flakes
15 gr bitter cocoa or protein powder for athletes
a pinch of salt
100 ml vegetable milk (fantastic with almonds or oats)
130 ml of mineral water
1 spoon of Ciceris al Cacao


Cook the oats in water with a pinch of salt until they become very soft. Dissolve the cocoa or proteins in the milk and add them to the oats while lowering the heat.
Pour part of the cream into a bowl, sprinkle a little hummus with the help of 2 teaspoons and cover with the rest of the cream.
Decorate with the remaining sweet hummus, some blueberries and some baby cereal.

When you try the recipe, post it on Instagram or Facebook with the tag #cicerisbio, we will be happy to share it and see how much you liked it! <3

Recipe in collaboration with LadyVeg vegan foodblog


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