The importance of a complete, healthy and nutritious breakfast

 Breakfast with Ciceris

The topic I'd like to talk to you about today is about the most important meal of the day. You got it right, I'm talking about breakfast!

“Having breakfast, because it's good for you” is a cliché that you will have heard over and over again in your life.

Actually this sentence is really true, but the fact of having heard and resented it perhaps it doesn't give you the curiosity to really know why “it's good” . < / p>

As a good lover of this meal, today I try to explain it to you, revealing some advantages of having a breakfast that is healthy, complete and energetic .

Why is breakfast good for you?

First of all, it should be noted that the daily caloric portion of breakfast corresponds to 15-20% of the total calories of the day, a good percentage if you consider about 35-40% for lunch, 30-35% for dinner and 5-10% for snacks.

In fact, when you wake up in the morning, you have not only just undertaken many hours of restful sleep, but also had a fast that has persisted since dinner the day before.

Although your body is at rest during the night, the basal metabolism remains in function, consuming anyway calories and therefore energy . In particular, in the brain!

This means that the body needs to maintain constant glucose levels in the blood, using that accumulated during the food day and, subsequently , drawing on stocks. As needed, it implements "reserve " mechanisms, starting from the splitting of glycogen in the liver, up to the attack of muscle mass and fat mass.

In addition, in the morning there is also a spike in the production of cortisol , a hormone that implements a primitive defense mechanism for the 'body. Its task is to introduce glucose into the circulation thanks to the "reserve" mechanisms, waiting for the body to get nourishment (in the past this was needed by men to have energy to get food).

As you already understood, during this phase of the day there is a substantial need for nourishment by your body, which requires new energy to cope with the hormonal response in progress and to replenish the stocks you have used.

You don't even have to “chase” your breakfast, just go to the kitchen! 😉

Another important thing to know is that the organ that most needs glucose is our brain .

Eating a breakfast that is sufficient, balanced and healthy is essential to provide them with more lasting nourishment and improve their performance during the working morning. In fact, even doing sedentary work , such as working sitting at the PC or studying, implies a consumption of energy.

The more complete and balanced the breakfast, the greater the control of blood sugar and therefore of satiety during the morning.

How to make the perfect breakfast?

Here are the components to include:

  • Complex carbohydrates , which provide you with long-term goodness and energy. They are contained in bread, rusks, dry biscuits, cornflakes, puffed rice, oat flakes and legumes.
  • Protein , to make the meal more complete and satiating, from cow's milk and yogurt or sheep, skyr, Greek yogurt, soy milk or yogurt and legumes.
  • Fat , to give more taste, texture and nourishment to the body. They are present in dried fruit, also in cream, avocado, EVO oil, dark chocolate and seeds.
  • Sugars that offer you ready-to-use energy to start with the right charge. They are abundant in fruit, jam, honey, dark chocolate, and partly also in milk and yogurt.
  • Fiber , which provides you with greater satiety and helps regulate the intestine. You can find it in fruit, whole grains, nuts, legumes and seeds.

Why is it better not to skip breakfast?

Eating a nutritious breakfast also helps prevent sudden hunger attacks by encouraging the consumption of a balanced snack.

Skipping it can lead to more hunger in the middle of the morning due to a drop in blood sugar, which not only has a negative effect on concentration and on productivity , but it also leads to the consumption of highly caloric and unhealthy foods.

It's not a real problem if it happens once in a while, but only if it becomes regularity.

Yet another interesting aspect concerns the perception of our body signals of hunger and satiety , which has changed a lot over time.

Consumerism and food abundance made it possible to find nourishment in any circumstance, but they also unaccustomed the body to feel the biological signals i.

Consuming a balanced and healthy breakfast continuously, can help you mark and regularize your meals , training your food awareness.

In addition, a conscious diet is a fundamental prerequisite for it to be sustainable and respectful of the environment.

What if I don't like having breakfast?

Maybe you too currently don't like having breakfast.

Many say they can't eat even a biscuit in the morning, feel stuffy stomach or even feel nauseous just at the thought.

I think it's okay to listen to your body and respect its demands. However, I believe that although difficult, it is possible to insert a better new habit.

Just like in many other aspects of life there is the right motivation ... and what better way to start than to try the Ciceris products ?

Le Ciceris creams are the right solution to make your breakfast more tasty and complete, both sweet and savory.

They are created with simple and nutritious ingredients, including chickpeas, a food that I like to enhance for its nutritional value and versatility .

It is always the right time to take care of your food education and establish good habits that help to support your health.

Have a good breakfast, with Ciceris!

Alessandra Mangone

Dietitian Nutritionist

For information and further information you can contact me at this e-mail alessandradietista@cicerisbio.com

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