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If you've come here, it's surely because you're curious about the world of nutrition and nutrition , just like we are 😍

Yes, nutrition and nutrition are two different things.

Nutrition refers to the set of mechanical and chemical processes that occur in the body to digest and assimilate the nutrients we consume.

Food, on the other hand, is everything that surrounds the simple act of eating and enriches it: taste, culture, food education.

You have probably understood that having a good dietary education goes hand in hand with adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Together they form the fundamental prerequisite for promoting the maintenance of a good state of health .

But what happens when health and taste meet?

Ciceris was created with the aim of rediscovering true and genuine tastes, and then translating them into products that can be really good, as well as ideal and practical to adopt a healthy, balanced and enjoyable diet.

Our aim is to convey a food education , which is not intended solely as a simple analysis of what we eat, but as a whole of aspects that make it unique for each of us.

For us, food education means

Close your eyes and savor each forkful

Get excited with always different combinations

Go back to basics and appreciate each ingredient

Refuel our body with the best fuel

Choose foods with awareness.

Respect the principles of seasonality and sustainability

Be rooted in our culture.

Saper enhance each food, reminding us that nutrition is creativity and simplicity together.

 Breakfast and nutrition with Ciceris

Conscious nutrition is essential to make our life even fuller, support our health and respect the environment.

Hence the goal of transmitting our idea of ​​nutrition education, accompanying you in the choice of each product .

To start learning more about this path, read the next articles. We will notify you of their release by email!

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Alessandra Mangone,

Dietitian nutritionist

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