How to compose a complete and balanced dish

How to compose a balanced dish with Ciceris

Food education embraces a multitude of aspects and we could talk about them indefinitely.

The important basics are undoubtedly completeness ed balance .

Because in this area it is never “black or white”, but there are infinite shades customized for each individual. Just as there is a variability of nutrients within foods, although these are often enclosed in "conventional" sets.

This is the example of pasta , which contains carbohydrates, but also proteins; meat and eggs that contain proteins, but also fats; or fruit , which contains sugars, but also water, fiber and mineral salts in abundance.

Within a meal, it is important that there is a balance between all these nutrients.

It's not a dogma, mind you. However, it is a useful strategy to supply our body with everything it needs, as well as to ensure a long-lasting sense of satiety and satisfaction.

The winning strategy for having a balanced, healthy and varied diet is assembling , that is to put together a fair share of each nutrient for each meal. By doing so, starting from even very simple ingredients, you can create always different combinations for complete and good meals .

Read on for practical examples!

Speaking of the "conventional" sets already mentioned, in each dish we should add a quota of:

  • Complex carbohydrates (from cereals and legumes) useful for giving long-lasting energy and supplies for times of need
  • Proteins (of meat, fish, eggs, cheese, legumes) useful to complete the meal and prolong the sense of satiety, but also essential for many vital functions and to maintain good muscle mass.
  • Fat (in extra virgin olive oil, dried fruit and avocado), effective for give the meal greater texture and taste and necessary to ensure adequate fat mass and reserve energy.
  • Simple sugars (contained for example in fruit), for quick use of energy
  • Fiber (contained in fruit, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and seeds), very important for intestinal and microbiota health.

That's a lot of information, it's true, but it's simpler than it looks!

In everyday life, amidst the frenzy of daily commitments, it is not always possible to pay attention to the composition of the dish.

This is where Ciceris offers a practical solution , but above all good and original.

Ciceris creams have a nutritional composition that lends itself to every day diet, enriched with a lot of taste .

They are produced with few simple and quality ingredients, as if they were prepared at home.

Here is a practical example!

Like many people, I'm a lover of bread and jam dipped in milk for breakfast and the first time I saw the Ciceris cocoa sweet cream , I immediately thought of the perfect match .

Reading the ingredients, what struck me most were the chickpeas . A little considered ingredient for a breakfast, especially a sweet one!

 Ciceris with balanced flat cocoa

And yet, besides being really good, they are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates , vegetable proteins and fiber that complement the same nutrients contained in bread, promoting better long-term blood sugar control.

In the same way the fats contained in milk, together with the good fats of Ciceris cream, make everything more satiating and tasty .

Finally, the presence of simple sugars from jam, milk and a small part from cream, provides ready-to-use energy to start with the right charge !

If you want to discover recipes and combinations for breakfast, discover the dedicated section of the site!

This trick of composing a balanced dish helps a lot to maintain good energy throughout the day, improving mental and physical performance.

The food is unique and personal. You can achieve a balanced diet by building the path in small steps.

Find out how to create a good and balanced breakfast in the next article!

Alessandra Mangone,

Dietitian Nutritionist

For information and further information you can contact me at this e-mail

Cover photography by Paul Stuart

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